Know About Key Structural Steel Fireproofing Methods

jpsc-banner-orignal-pic1-1343x314Fireproofing is usually designed to protect the structural steel. The failure point where steel has lost about 50% of its structural strength is considered 1000°F. The aim of Fireproofing is to prevent structural steel from reaching 1000°F for some time. Pressure vessels, heat exchangers and tanks may experience a substantial cooling effect from liquid contents; as resultless fireproofing protection is needed.

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Intumescent Paint Used Broadly In Fire Protection Coatings

Intumescent paint is a type of fire retardant paint. This paint extends to wind up a dark froth at the point when presented to the blazes of a fire and this can be about an inch thick & coats the surface that the paint has been connected to. Do you know this singe hindrance slices off highly needed fuel to the smoldering fire and makes sure the hidden structures providing priceless additional time for the clearing of the inhabitants of a building as well as permitting firefighters longer to arrive and extinguish the burst.

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Use Vermiculite Steel Coating For Fire Protection

vermiculite fireproofing coating for steel india

Vermiculite steel coating or vermiculite spray is a hard and extremely stable passive fire protection coating applied to structural steel. Vermiculite is a cementitious, formulated to provide passive fire protection to interior parts of building construction on various backgrounds such as steel, polymer-based materials, concrete, timber, etc.

Vermiculite Fireproofing Coating, a lightweight coating provides effective fire resistance with a negligible thickness to the steel structure, metal floor, concrete frames, and roof decks. Constructions protected with vermiculite spray can deliver fire resistance for up to 4 hours. Which building structures will benefit from it are educational, factories warehouses, commercial projects and leisure, and entertainment centers. Continue reading “Use Vermiculite Steel Coating For Fire Protection”

4 Fire Safety Tips To Make Your House Fireproof

1543869896525Whether you know or not that fire breakouts in residential areas, are one of the most common causes of death. This is true if your living place is located far from the city. Fire escaping and death from a fire aren’t a natural calamity and we are the ones who actually invite such breakouts. In this post, we are going to provide you some of the safety tips that will help you create a fireproof house:

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Different Steel Structure Fireproofing Systems Explained


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What You Need To Know About Fire Resistant Paint

Fire-Resistant-PaintFire resistant paint is one of the most effective measures to prevent the fire from spreading fast, as it contributes to smoke and flame not to spread. This paint has been necessary for many years in office buildings, public buildings, entrance halls, governmental buildings, schools and colleges, parking garages.

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How Can You Potentially Save a Building from Devastating Damage


Whenever you are constructing a building, you have to think about the safety quotient. Right from the proper electric line to safeguarding the house from fire, everything has to be perfect as you don’t want the residents to face any issue later. Just be sure that people might face some difficulty in believing the value of your house before they plan to buy it. So, you have to work hard to make them believe the steps you have taken to safeguard the house from potential damages like fire, wind and more. Continue reading “How Can You Potentially Save a Building from Devastating Damage”