6 Ways to Build Fireproof Building


The first ever Fortified safe house was completed in Florida in 2005 and it was constructed with insulated concrete form ECO-Block wall based system. It is a major program of the Institute for business and home safety. This form of the structure specifies design, construction and landscaping based guidelines for increasing the new home resistance to the current natural disasters like flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires. Continue reading “6 Ways to Build Fireproof Building”


Why You Really Need (A) Fire Resistant Paint for homes Safety


This isn’t my first experience with fire breakout, which made me paranoid. When I was little and living with my parents, I saw fire spreading right from the fireplace and covering half of our house with ashes. That made me sick and scared of fire right from a tender age.

So, when I first got my own apartment, the first thing it did was to cover it with Fire Resistant Paint in India. The entire process was quite a time consuming but I made it a point to do that first. I first read about fire-resistant paint in a paper and then researched more about it. That made me realize the importance of fire resistant paint.

Got more information

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Use Fire Resistant Paint For Better Safety

Fire Resistant Paint Spray in India, has been necessary for years in governmental buildings, office buildings, public buildings, entrance halls, and parking garages. So, in this article, we are going to provide you with professional advice on what you must know when choosing fireproof coatings.


It is like a paint which provides the same finish as provided by the normal paint. Fire Resistant Paint Spray is widely used in buildings demanding fire resistance for 30 minutes to 2 hours, and are inert at low temperature and deliver insulation at a temperature of about 200 to 250 degree Celsius. Continue reading “Use Fire Resistant Paint For Better Safety”

What Are The Advantages Of Fire Resistant Paint Spray

Fire retardant paints, also known as intumescent paints due to their intumescent and expandable, quality, are often used in big scale public buildings, industrial spaces as well as on new builds. Besides they can be used on smaller “Do It Yourself” (DIY) projects, but not those tasks that need heat resistant paint such as BBQs and exhaust pipes. There are many benefits of Fire Resistant Paint Spray in India and we have listed a few just below:

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Use Fire Resistant Paint Spray In India To Protect Rugs And Household Fabrics

If you want to protect your household fabrics and rugs from fire, you need Fire Resistant Paint Spray in India right now.

Fabrics and rugs are mostly prone to catch fire easily. Even a simple flick can prove to be quite dangerous for the longevity of these items. Unfortunately, our houses have a whole lot of fabric items covering most of the house’s parts.

Right from the bedroom area to the living room space, you have fabrics covering every knick and corner of your place. Even the curtains and the carpets in living areas are prone to catch up fire easily. So, you need to be sure of the protective measures, which will prevent these elements to catch fire that easily. Thanks to the fire resistant sprays, now you can protect your fabric, rug and eventually your home too.

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Areas Where You Can Use Fire Stop Mortar In India

Before you head for the Firestop Mortar in india, it is mandatory that you get to the real meaning behind it and areas of use.

Just like sprays, there are some other protective items, which can safeguard your life and your belongings from fire. The market houses so many new items and ideas on a daily basis to add more protection in lives of individuals. If you are not quite into fire sprays, then you are asked to get along with the fire stop over here for sure. In case you are a novice and want to learn more about the other options in the market, you can try going for the fire stop options under mortar category over here for sure.

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DC68 Spray to Protect

Interior furniture and synthetic fabrics are the number one contributing factors to fire spread and smoke generation today.

Spray to Protect DC 68: is a new water-based fireproofing spray that is a Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, colorless and odorless formula that can be used on any water absorbent fabric or material.

DC 68 Spray to Protect: retards fire and prevents the spread of flame over the treated area. DC 68 reduces smoke generation which increases visibility and the time to escape a fire situation, smoke is the leading cause of death in fires and using DC 68 significantly increases survivability. Continue reading “DC68 Spray to Protect”